Calloway Circus: Album Release Show
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Calloway Circus

CIVL, Tristate, Relyness, Biff K'narly, Repitllians

All Ages
Calloway Circus Album Release Show w/ CIVL, Tristate, Relyness, and Biff K’narly and the Reptillians Friday, April 12th . 630/7 $10/$15

The brainchild of frontman Ben McGuiness, Calloway Circus is a high energy and genre-shifting act from St. Louis. The mix of Pop, Alternative, and Hip-Hop is a unique vibe that has been curated over years of hard work and sacrifice. In the studio, Ben works tirelessly to perfect every detail, making sure everything holds the message of the songs. This translates to their live performance, with everything being deliberately planned and executed. Ben switches between guitar, bass, keyboard, and even drums, all while singing and rapping lyrics about mental health, loss, and social justice. Newcomer, Tyler Andrew, brings a whole new energy to the live show by absolutely slaying the drums and energizing the crowd to keep up with his and Ben’s energy. After 9 months in the studio, the duo is proud to release their newest album, Entropy, on April 12th, and plans to celebrate that release with a spectacle of a headline show at The Ready Room

Venue Information:
The Ready Room
4195 Manchester
St. Louis, MO, 63110