Russ Mohr | The Kingdom Sessions album release show

Russ Mohr

All Ages
Release show for "The Kingdom Sessions" album, feat. Brian Owens & the Deacons of Soul

Release show for "The Kingdom Sessions" album, feat. Brian Owens & the Deacons of Soul, w/ special appearances by Kenny DeShields, Courtney Orlando, We Are Root Mod, Dozzy Daniel and more! CD's will be avail. for only $5!

After spending a dozen years of his early music career touring the U.S. as front man for two St. Louis-based bands (LP Outsiders and Fundamental Elements), Russ Mohr is stepping back onto the scene as a solo artist, writer, arranger, and producer. He is set to release his first full-length studio album in June of this year, a soulful gospel concept record entitled, “The Kingdom Sessions.” The music delivers a message that is both timely and timeless. And while it is unapologetically rooted in a faith-based worldview, the message is meaningful and widely accessible to all (A WIDE RANGE OF) listeners, regardless of their religious convictions. Mohr’s primary aspiration, after all, is to bring people together. The album—which addresses themes of faith, community, social justice, love, forgiveness, and reconciliation—endeavors to celebrate that which is good and beautiful in humanity, while confronting and lamenting that which is broken, all while looking with hope to a preferred future for ourselves and our children. Though "The Kingdom Sessions" voyages through a broad scope of complex issues and themes, it does so with simplistic ease, taking the listener along an eclectic landscape of styles and sounds that are as fresh and modern as they are reminiscent and familiar.

Mohr, a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, arranged and played a variety of parts throughout "The Kingdom Sessions" himself. But because the project places a heavy lyrical emphasis on community, Russ knew that the process of making the record had to embody that same message. The result is a beautiful portrait of collaboration, unity, and diversity. The album boasts contributions from 12 different co-writers and over 70 musicians spanning 10 U.S. cities. It is co-produced by Grammy, Dove, and Stellar Award-winning producer JR (Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Kenny Latimore) and features appearances from Sho Baraka, Liz Vice, Latifah Alattas of Page CXVI, and Odd Thomas of Beautiful Eulogy. The project also showcases many well-known St. Louis-based talents, including Brian Owens, Kenny DeShields, and We Are Root Mod.

Venue Information:
The Ready Room
4195 Manchester
St. Louis, MO, 63110